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List of Societies and Contributors of JBS3 Board

Chair of JBS3: Prof John Deanfield

Editorial Group: Prof John Deanfield, Prof Naveed Sattar, Dr Iain Simpson, Prof David Wood

Societies (main representative listed first)
British Cardiovascular Society
Dr Iain Simpson, Kirsten Bradbury, Prof Keith Fox, Dr Nick Boon
Association of British Clinical Diabetologists
Dr Peter Winocour, Dr Michael Feher
British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation
Prof Patrick Doherty, Dr John Buckley
British Association for Nursing in Cardiovascular Care
Dr Catriona Jennings, Ms Jan Keenan
British Heart Foundation
Prof Peter Weissberg, Dr Mike Knapton
British Hypertension Society
Prof Bryan Williams, Prof Neil Poulter
British Renal Society
Dr Paul Stevens, Dr Maarten Taal
Diabetes UK
Prof Peter Grant, Prof Philip Home, Prof Naveed Sattar
Dr Alan Rees, Dr Dermot Neely
The Renal Association
Dr David Wheeler, Dr David Goldsmith
Stroke Association
Prof John Potter, Prof Stephen Jackson

Risk Calculator
Prof David Spiegelhalter and Mike Pearson, Cambridge University

Individuals not aligned to organisation (with area of representation)
Prof Roger Boyle (previously NHS England)
Dr Susan Connolly (Diet, previously National Co-ordinator for Prevention of CVD for ESC)
Prof Richard Hobbs (Implementation, previously Primary Care Cardiovascular Society)
Prof Aroon Hingorani (Genetics and Risk Refinement)
Dr Fran Sivers (previously Primary Care Cardiovascular Society)
Prof Gerry Stansby (PAD)

Additional Contributors, not-part of the JBS3 Board
Dr Sonya Craig, Institute of Ageing & Chronic Disease, University Hospital Aintree
Prof Mike Kirby, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Postgraduate Medical School
Dr David Preiss, University of Glasgow
Dr Clare Taylor, Primary Care Clinical Sciences, University of Birmingham
Prof Peter C. Taylor, Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences, University of Oxford
Prof John Wilding, Institute of Ageing & Chronic Disease, University Hospital Aintree

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