Who to use the JBS3 Risk Calculator with?

The below chart taken from the JBS3 report, illustrates to GPs and Clinicians when to use the JBS3 risk calculator with a patient:

  • Patients with established CVD or conditions which markedly elevate their CVD risk do not need risk assessment. They should receive evidence-based interventions, as outlined by specialist guidelines and the JBS3 report.
  • In the remainder, 10 year CVD risk should be estimated using the JBS3 risk calculator. If an individual’s risk is above the threshold set by NICE, CVD risk reduction should be started with lifestyle modification and pharmacological therapy also considered.The appropriate treatment threshold for 10-year risk is currently under review by NICE.
  • In those whose 10-year CVD risk is below the NICE threshold, the new metrics in the JBS3 calculator, such as heart age, should be used to communicate to the individual the opportunities from lifestyle change and in some cases, drug therapy.

It is important to emphasise that for the majority of patients the strong message will be the potential gains from an early and sustained change to a healthier lifestyle rather than prescription of drugs.